J.N.S Final Touch
"You Tried the Rest...Now Call the Best"

About Us

Our Mission
We are committed to working in collaboration with our clients in order to provide a broad range of services customized for each home and business needs, by providing reliable, trustworthy and detail oriented services performed by friendly, attentive and efficient staff. We strive to achieve superior service.

We are locally owned and operated since 1995 and are licensed, bonded and insured. Our high performance teams work in a proven system that guarantees high productivity, maximum efficiency, and superior quality to make your home look immaculate.

We focus on Quality, Integrity and Client Satisfaction. Our staff goes through thorough backgrounds checks to ensure our company's honesty and integrity.

"We are so glad that we found you. My husband and I never thought that we could afford to have our home cleaned on a regular basis for such a fair price. We have found more time spending with each other on weekends then cleaning our home. We are forever grateful for giving us back our lives. It is such a pleasure to walk into a clean home."
- Sofie & Milt

"As a nurse, I know the importance of having a clean environment and I want my home to be especially clean and organized. The J.N.S. Final Touch crew certainly keeps my home the way I want it to be; clean and neat! As a working nurse, I just don't have the energy to spend scrubbing and cleaning when I get home. Now I have rest time and reading time thanks to J.N.S. And- I am particular about who comes into my home."
- Suzanne Williams

"You were recommended to us by my sister and what a recommendation it was. We are forever grateful. In the past we tried several services and just couldn't get what we wanted until you came around. You customized our cleaning to our needs and crazy scheduals. I appreicate your detailed work and I noticed that even though one of the beds were made you took the time to straighten it out anyway."
- Thanks! Mr. & Mrs. Berry

"As a busy professional who spends many hours away it is important that I have 'problem-free' service providors and as such I enlisted your service twice a week for some time now. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for meeting and exceeding my expectations in caring for my home. Prior to finding JNS I used another company and continually had issue with them with everything from the alarm going off to something breaking, or just forgetting to clean areas. Since working Nancy and the team I find that those things just don't occur any more. I don't usually write letters of thanks but I feel my level of service is 2nd to none and working with your firm has truely been a pleausre over the last 4 years! Thanks for all your hard work!"
- William P. Johns

"I just wanted to thank you for first, for cleaning our home so well. You and your team really did a wonderful job! Second, I wanted to mention the care you took taking the time to actually make friends with our cat. It may sound strange, but to us -he is a part of our family and it is great to know that whether we are home or not he is in Great hands. I'm sure he enjoys the love you give him."
- Paul, Michelle & Joplin (The Cat)
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